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Raffle of War Rug



This is a beautiful 4 Helicopter, 3 Tank, 4 Machine Guns War Rug created in the Afghanistan tradition - surrounded by bullets in multi-colors.  The thick wool war rug is a bright and vibrant red color. 

This rug is valued at $325.00 and was donated to the United We Read program by www.warrug.com

Origin of these rugs has been traced to refugee camps in either Iran or Pakistan, or Afghanistan itself, based on details of their construction or from details of weaponry that fit a specific theater of combat.   To the women of Afghanistan the rugs have become a way to make their voices heard and to communicate to the rest of the world what they live with everyday.

Although Afghan women have created rugs for centruies, this new category of rugs has been termed “war rugs” and has sparked an underground movement in the art world. Many collectors see the rugs not only as art, but also as historical documents and a testament to the times.


To purchase raffle tickets, send check, money order or charge card information to the address below.

Remember - it is only $5.00 per chance and you will be supporting the United We Read project.

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