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 cover The 2004 "United We Read" book selection is:

Nebula Award Winning

The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
"United We Read", coordinated by the Kansas City Metropolitan Library & Information Network and libraries throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Region and now in its third year, is a community-wide reading program sponsored by an advisory board of local librarians, teachers, book stores and community agencies.

Modeled after Chicago’s successful “One Book, One Chicago” project, "United We Read" involves libraries, cities, counties, media, colleges, senior/retirement centers, universities, high schools businesses and book clubs in encouraging adults of all ages to read one book and participate in thought-provoking discussion and activities.

Welcome to the third "United We Read."

 The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

The paperback of The Speed of Dark is now out. Remember that this may be shelved in the general fiction or literature section of your bookstore or library instead of the science fiction section. The Speed of Dark is both a 2003 Arthur C. Clarke Award finalist and a 2004 Nebula Award Winner. This near-future Science Fiction story concerns identity: who and what defines who you are? Lou is autistic; he has lived his life with that diagnosis and everything it means to him and the people around him. What if it's not, as he has been told, a permanent condition? What if an experimental treatment could "cure" him? What if the cure is worse than the disease, a condition heexperiences as the normal way to live?

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