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Beginners Guides to the Internet  Beginner's Central
Internet Navigator
Learn the Net - a tutorial in five different languages 
NetSquirrel.com - Patrick Crispen's site is always a favorite
Searching Tools for the Web The Cyberlibrarians' Rest Stop - (wonderful resource for librarians)
              Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Guide to Effective Searching on the Internet
NetSquirrel.com - Squirrel Hunt to help learn searching skills
Training Resources Internet Information Center (Ntl. Network of Libraries of Medicine)
        Teaching Pyramid: A Modular Approach to Teaching the WWW
Web Teacher - an exceptional site for trainers and students
TNT Training Net Trainers for Dynamite Library Services
Training Evaluation Instruction Evaluation Form - (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Tutorial Evaluation Form from Boston University
Web Site Evaluation The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
ICYouSee: T is for Thinking
Software Training Land Grant Training Alliance Online Lessons (includes lessons for word processors, presentations, graphics, spreadsheets and databases)
Mouse Tutorials Web Basics w/Mouse Tutorial

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