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The Supervisor Certification Program is a program being offered by the Kansas City Metropolitan Library & Information Network (KCMLIN).  It is tailored to provide essential skills for staff currently in supervisory roles and those who are working toward this goal.  Staff who are responsible for planning, creating and justifying budgets, hiring, training, and supervising staff and developing policies will find these workshops to be invaluable.


To complete the Supervisor Certification Program, each participant must take a minimum of four required and six elective courses of your choice.  If you have taken courses that have been used as a part of another certification program, they cannot be used in this program as well.  You must take different selections in order to broaden your knowledge and skills.  Since all the classes in the Administrator level are "required", it is suggested that you do not take these as part of the Supervisor Certification program if you are planning on completing the Administrator Certification Program as well.


Please remember that these courses are not offered at all times.  As instructors come and go, course names may also be changed to reflect the request of an instructor.  If you have any questions whether a class fulfills the need of the program, please contact the KCMLIN office.  Half day workshops are worth 1/2 credit toward your completion and full day workshops are worth a full credit.


Required Courses 


  - Survival Skills for Supervisors

  - Effective Performance Evaluations

  - Legal and Concise Employee Documentation

  - Hire, Train and Avoid Harassment


Elective Courses


Acquisitions Workshop
Beyond ADA - Serving the Disabled Community
Beyond the Basics Reference
Business Plan Basics
Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Management
Creative Planning
Creative Techniques for Researching Funding Sources
Creative Use of Conflict
Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
Dealing With Difficult People
Developing a Training Program (How to Develop a Training Program)
Developing Winners From the Start
Diversity Class - Full Day
Employee Motivation
Exceptional Customer Service
Exploring Government Documents
Fish!  Philosophy!
Generational Differences/Overcoming Generational Roadblocks
Grammar for Business Success
How to Be Tactful, Open-Minded & Professional About Feedback
How to Give and Take Criticism
Human Resource Reference on the Web and in Print
Intercultural Communication
International Fiction
Introduction to Competency Development
Introduction to Human Resource Management (HR 101)
Introduction to Social Science Reference
Library Collaboration & Partnerships
Library Security Workshop
Long Range Planning
Managing Multiple Priorities
Marketing Your Library @ the Point of Contact
Motivating Employees During Difficult Times (Employee Motivation)
Powerful Presentation Skills
Preventing Workplace Violence
Problem Solving & Decision Making Tools
Reference Round Up
Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop
Serving the African American Community
Serving the Asian Community
Serving the Disabled Community
Serving the Gay/Lesbian Community
Serving the Latino Population
Strategic Planning
Strategies for Program Evaluations
Team Building & Meyers Briggs
Teambuilding in the Workplace
Time Management
What? We're Meeting Again?
Working with Advisory Groups
Working with Board of Directors
Working with Volunteers
Yesterday We Were Friends..Today I'm Your Supervisor


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