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Workshop Name: How to Design an Employee Recognition Program
Contact Hours: 4 hours or customizable

Workshop Instructor:


Tiffany Hentschel or

Seana Vece

Workshop Description:






In today's workforce, our employees are our most important asset.  Our commitment to excellence is realized through the contributions of individual employees as well as the collaborative effort of teams.


That's why a carefully developed Employee Recognition Program can be a valuable tool.  Recognizing employees and managers benefits everyone.  The recipient gains immediate gratification and is likely to continue exploring better methods of peak performance.  Others will see the rewards and emulate the behavior, and employers reap the benefits of a moremotivated and productive staff.


This workshop will lead you through the steps of developiong your own Employee Recognition Program.

Who Should Attend: HR Staff; Supervisory Staff; Library Staff; Non-Profit; Government; Business

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