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Workshop Name: FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act
Contact Hours: 4 or customizable
Workshop Instructor: Tiffany Hentschel or Seana Vece

Workshop Descri ption:

















The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has a tremendous impact on organizations in terms of the amount employees are paid (e.g., minimum wage and overtime eligibility), the number of hours employees work, and recordkeeping.  This educational module will explain the history and importance of the FLSA and describe supervisory responsibilities for implementing FLSA standards.  Further, supervisors will learn:

v     Distinctions between exempt and nonexempt employees

v     FLSA standards supervisory responsibilities regarding:

J                   Workweeks

J                   Work schedules

J                   “On-call” time

J                   Paid employee duties

J                   Unauthorized work

J                   Paid “waiting” time

J                   Paid breaks and lunch time

J                   Paid training time

J                   Paid travel time

Overtime pay and compensatory time
Who Should Attend: HR Staff; Administrators; Supervisory Staff; Paraprofessional Staff; Library Staff; Non-Profit; Government; Business

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