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Workshop Name: Preventing & Curing Staff & Individual Burnout
Contact Hours: 4 or customizable
Workshop Instructor: Vicky Baker

Workshop Description:






Do you have employees complaining that work is not fun anymore? Do you have employees that overreact to minor hassles, report being overwhelmed, and complain of minor health aliments? If so, you could be dealing with employees who are feeling burnt out with their work.

H ave you lost your enthusiasm for your work? Is your work become more than a drag but a weight that gets heavier and heavier? Are you feeling that you no longer get satisfaction from your job, or are you questioning the value of tasks that you perform? Are you entertaining the thought of finding a new job? If so, you could be suffering from burnout and not necessarily from a bad job.

This workshop will help participants identify the warning signs of burnout.  We will discuss reasons and outcomes of burnout as well as discussing a variety of techniques to recover or halt your own burnout.  Helping other people recognize their own burnout problem will be discussed.

Who Should Attend: Library Staff; Non-Profit Staff

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