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Workshop Name: How to Interview and Select Outstanding Employees
Contact Hours 6 or customizable
Workshop Instructor: Tiffany Hentschel or Seana Vece

Workshop Description:





Making the right hiring decision is more important today than ever before.  Even the smallest organization cannot afford to operate as they have in the past and expect to suceed in today's pressure-filled environment. How do you succeed? You succeed by building an exceptional work forcc.

You will learn invaluable skills which will make you a more effective Supervisor in this workshop including:

- how to identify red flags on applications and resumes

- how to identify the compencies or skills needed to do the job
- how to create a job description for the position

- how to gather meanful data from job applicants
- how to determine the match between the candidate and the job
- how to write effective and legal interview questions

- how to conduct effective interviews
- how to make new employee orientations meaningful
- how to write an effective training plan

- how to address training for current staff

- Identify the competencies or skills needed to do the job
Who Should Attend:  Administrators; Librarians, Supervisors, Non-Profits, Government

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