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Workshop Name: Team Building:  Developing an Effective & Productive Team
Contact Hours: 4 or customizable
Workshop Instructor(s):
Tiffany Hentschel or
Seana Vece

Workshop Description:


This workshop will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and activities needed to build and enhance teamwork within their organization.

The "Value of Teamwork" - how it enhances morale, increases quality and encourages creativity.

To Team or Not to Team - identifying when a team process is appropriate and when it is not, how to define the purpose and guidelines of the team and communicating this to the members.

Getting Results - how teams operate, the stages they grow through, how to avoid getting stuck in a nonproductive process, group behaviors that effect attitudes and outcomes, identifying and dealing with them will all be discussed.

There is No "I" in Team - understanding positive and negative individual behaviors, their effect on the group and the process and how to most effectively deal with them.

The Power of Play - ways to encourage creativity, build team spirit, enhance group process and identify group and individual strengths and weaknesses through non-threatening activities.
Who Should Attend:  Librarians, Supervisors, Non-Profits, Government

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