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Workshop Name: MBTI - Myers Briggs  - Working Out Your Type
Contact Hours: 4 or customizable

Workshop Instructor:

Tiffany Hentschel or
Seana Vece

Workshop Description:



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator measures preferences to assist individuals to understand themselves and their behavior, appreciate others so as to make constructive use of individual differences, improve teamwork and resolve conflicts. Participants will have a basic understanding of your type and how it relates to others. You will take and score the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and receive several resources for future references. Discussion will center on understanding type preferences in the workplace.

In addition, participants will learn communication and feedback techniques for all types. Differences in type preference will be demonstrated through interactive activities. This is your opportunity to understand types at work in a relaxed, fun environment.
Who Should Attend:   Librarians, Supervisors, Library Staff, Non-Profits, Government

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