Metro Area Reader's Round Table
Reader's Advisory Certification Program
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Metro Area Reader’s Round Table
Reader’s Advisory Certification
Adopted 8/30/06

The Metro Area Reader’s Round Table has developed the following certification program to provide a well-rounded foundation for individuals in the Reader’s Advisory field. The certification program consists of required and elective courses. Any class taken after 7/1/2005 can be counted toward this certification.

Participants will earn certification after earning 10 credits (5 required and 5 elective).

Required Courses

Participants in the Reader’s Advisory Certification Program will need to take all five of the following courses as well as five elective courses.

1. Reader’s Advisory I – Facts About Fiction: Basic Reader’s Advisory

2. Reader’s Advisory II – More Facts About Fiction: Introduction to Genre Fiction

3. United We Read/Book Talks/Book Discussions/Programming

4. Major Genre Workshop

5. Minor Genre Workshop

Elective Courses

Participants in the Reader’s Advisory Certification Program will need to choose five courses from the following workshops. Full day workshops count as one (1 credit) toward course completion and half day workshops count as (1/2 credit) toward course completion.

Major Genre Workshops

- Romance

- Everybody Loves a Mystery

- Science Fiction/Fantasy

- Western

- Non-Fiction

* biography * memoir * true crime * history * travel

* science * sports * games * food

* environment * pop culture

- Fiction

Minor Genre Workshops

- International Fiction

- Multicultural Fiction (African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic


- Graphic Novels

- Horror

- Faith/Inspirational

- Historical

- Urban (Erotica/Street Lit)

- Chick Lit

- Adventure

- Suspense/Thrillers

- Gentle Reads

- Women’s Lit

- Gay & Lesbian (GLBT)

- Short Stories

- Other

Special Topics

- How to Write a Book Review & a Few Other Useful Things

- Talking About Reading Putting Together a Book Discussion Group

- Reader’s Advisory for Children

- Reader’s Advisory for Young Adults

- Beach Reads and So Much More

- Audio/Visual Reader’s Advisory

- MARRTY Best Book/Writing a Reader Profile

- Web Based Reader’s Advisor Products

- Other

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