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William Jewell College
Charles F. Curry Library

Official Library Name: William Jewell College - Charles F. Curry Library
Library Address: 500 College Hill, WJC Internal Box 1097; Liberty, MO 64068-1896
Phone: 816-415-7610
Fax: 816-415-5021
URL for Library Web Site: http://campus.jewell.edu/william_jewell/gen/william_and_jewell_generated_pages/curry_library_welcome_p2444.html
URL for Library Online Database: http://wilo.missouri.edu/search~56/
Director/Head Librarian: Dr. Hugh G. Stocks
Director/Head Librarian's Phone: 816-415-7606
Director/Head Librarian's E-Mail: stocksh@william.jewell.edu
Interlibrary Loan Representative: Elise Fisher
Interlibrary Loan Rep Phone: 816-415-7611
Interlibrary Loan Rep E-Mail: fishere@william.jewell.edu
WEB-ILL E-Mail ill@william.jewell.edu
Staff Directory: Wanda Barnett - barnettw@william.jewell.edu
Cheryl Couch-Thomas - couchthoma@william.jewell.edu
Dee Day - dayd@william.jewell.edu
Ann Dickerson - dickersona@william.jewell.edu
Kenette Harder - harderk@william.jewell.edu
Virginia Hill - hillv@william.jewell.edu 
Barbara Salzer - salzerb@william.jewell.edu
Dianne Sires - siresd@william.jewell.edu
Voting Representative: Dr. Hugh Stocks
Updates:  Please send all updates for this record to Mary Puhr: marypuhr@kcmlin.org

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