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Unity Library amd Archives

Official Library Name: Unity Library and Archives
Library Address: 1901 NW Blue Parkway; Unity Village, MO 64065
Phone: 816-251-3503
URL for Library Web Site:  
URL for Library Online Database:  
Director/Head Librarian: Linda Bray
Director/Head Librarian's Phone: 816-251-3503
Director/Head Librarian's E-Mail: braylm@unityonline.org
Interlibrary Loan Representative: Judy Elizabeth
Interlibrary Loan Rep Phone: 816-251-3503
Interlibrary Loan Rep E-Mail: elizabethjx@unityonline.org
WEB-ILL E-Mail elizabethjx@unityonline.org
Staff Directory: Christa Madrigal -  madrigalcl@unityonline.org
Eric Page -  pageee@unityonline.org
Janet Staten -  statenja@unityonline.org
Judy Cournyea -  cournyeaje@unityonline.org
Melinda Slater -  slaterma@unityonline.org
Voting Representative: Linda Bray
Updates:  Please send all updates for this record to Susan Burton: sburton@kcmlin.org

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Contact KCMLIN: sburton@kcmlin.org

Last Updated 07/17/06

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