Kansas City Metropolitan Library & Information Network Members

Metropolitan Community College - Longview Library

Official Library Name: Metropolitan Community College - Longview Library
Library Address: 500 SW Longview Road; Lee's Summit, MO 64081
Phone: 816-672-2080
Fax: 816-672-2087
URL for Library Web Site: http://mcckc.edu/library
URL for Library Online Database: http://www.mcckc.edu/library
Director/Head Librarian: Candice Baldwin
Director/Head Librarian's Phone: 816-672-2266
Director/Head Librarian's E-Mail: candice.baldwin@mcckc.edu
Human Resource Representative Candice Baldwin - candice.baldwin@mcckc.edu - 816-672-2266
Interlibrary Loan Representative: Linda Cox
Interlibrary Loan Rep Phone: 816-672-2243
Interlibrary Loan Rep E-Mail: linda.cox@mcckc.edu
WEB-ILL E-Mail  

Staff Directory:

Linda Cox - linda.cox@mcckc.edu
Dianne Greene - dianne.greene@mcckc.edu
Judy Hanlin - Judy.Hanlin@mcckc.edu
Leanna Indall - leanna.indall@mcckc.edu

Tensy Marcos-Bodker - tensy.marcos-bodker@mcckc.edu
Marty Miller - marty.miller@mcckc.edu
Donna Perry - donna.perry@mcckc.edu
Julie Petr - Julie.Petr@mcckc.edu
Judy Rice - judy.rice@mcckc.edu
Patryck Robertson - patryck.robertson@mcckc.edu
Debi Serrano - debbie.serrano@mcckc.edu

Voting Representative: Candice Baldwin
Updates:  Please send all updates for this record to Susan Burton: sburton@kcmlin.org

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Contact KCMLIN: sburton@kcmlin.org

Last Updated 7/12/06

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