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Johnson County Library

Official Library Name: Johnson County Library
Library Address: 9875 W. 87th Street; Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: 913-495-2400
Fax: 913-495-2460
URL for Library Web Site: http://www.jocolibrary.org
URL for Library Online Database: http://webcatalog.jocolibrary.org
County Librarian: Donna Lauffer
County Librarian's Phone: 913-495-2400
County Librarian's E-Mail: laufferd@jocolibrary.org
Marketing Representative: Kasey Riley - rileyk@jocolibrary.org  - 913-261-2345
Human Resource Representative Tiffany Hentschel - hentschelt@jocolibrary.org - 913-495-2487
Interlibrary Loan Representative: Jackie Burns
Interlibrary Loan Rep Phone: 913-495-7558
Interlibrary Loan Rep E-Mail: burnsj@jocolibrary.org
Technical Services: Tim Rogers - rogerst@jocolibrary.org
Facilities Coordinator: Mike Heffernan - heffernanm@jocollibrary.org 
Children's Services:  Kathy McClellan - mclellank@jocolibrary.org
Associate Director of Branch Services: Donna Lauffer - lauffer@jocolibrary.org
Young Adult: Patricia Suellentrop - suellentropp@jocolibrary.org
Program Services Manager:  
Outreach Services: C. J. Sullivan - sullivanc@jocolibrary.org
Financial Manager: Diana Graves - gravesd@jocolibrary.org
Training Coordinator: Chris Carleton - carletonc@jocolibrary.org
WEB-ILL E-Mail jclillstaff@jocolibrary.org

Staff Directory:

Carolyn Anderson - Assoc. Dir. for Central Services - weeksc@jocolibrary.org
Roxanne Belcher - Shawnee Library Branch Mgr. - belcherr@jocolibrary.org 
Marsha Bennett - Community Relations Coord. - bennettm@jocolibrary.org 
Jacqueline Burns - Document Delivery Librarian - burnsj@jocolibrary.org
Edys Cacy - Cedar Roe Library Branch Mgr. - cacye@jocolibrary.org
Mona Carmack - County Librarian - carmackm@jocolibrary.org 
Linda Coonley - Antioch Library Branch Mgr. - coonleyl@jocolibrary.org 
Kristine Cross - crossk@jocolibrary.org
Inge Dugan - Corinth Library Branch Mgr. - dugani@jocolibrary.org
Diana Graves - Administrative Manager - gravesd@jocolibrary.org
Tiffany Hentschel - Staff Development Coord. - hentschelt@jocolibrary.org
Mary Anne Hile - Collection Development Mgr. - hilem@jocolibrary.orgHelen Hokanson - Lackman Library Branch Mgr. - hokansonh@jocolibrary.org
Melody Kinnamon - DeSoto, Edgerton & Spring Hill Library Branch Mgr. - kinnamonm@jocolibrary.org
Donna Lauffer - Assoc. Dir. for Branch Services - laufferd@jocolibrary.org
Jennifer Mahnken - Adult Programming Mgr. - mahnkenj@jocolibrary.org
Andrew Mangels - Leawood Pioneer Library Branch Mgr. - mangelsa@jocolibrary.org 
Whitney Davison-Turley - Central Resource Library Ref. Mgr. - turleyw@jocolibrary.org
Leslie Nord - IS Training Coordinator - nordl@jocolibrary.org
Linda K. Off - Foundation Exec. Dir. - offl@jocolibrary.org 
Sandy Otte - Central Circulation Mgr. - ottes@jocolibrary.org
Tim Rogers - Assoc. Dir. for Operations - rogerst@jocolibrary.org 
Jerry Roy - Library Analyst/Planning Coord. - royj@jocolibrary.org
C.J. Sullivan - Outreach/Special Services Coord. - sullivanc@jocolibrary.org
Terry Velasquez - Gardner Library Branch Mgr. - velasquezt@jocolibrary.org
Kasey Riley - Marketing & Organizational Planning Coord. - rileyk@jocolibrary.org 
Ken Werne - Blue Valley Library Branch Mgr. - wernek@jocolibrary.org

Voting Representative: Carolyn Anderson - weeksc@jocolibrary.org - 913-495-2467
Updates:  Please send all updates for this record to Susan Burton: sburton@kcmlin.org

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Contact KCMLIN: sburton@kcmlin.org

Last Updated 07/11/06

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