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University of Central Missouri
James C. Kirkpatrick Library

Official Library Name: University of Central Missouri- James C. Kirkpatrick Library
Library Address: 601 South Missouri; Warrensburg, MO 64093-5020
Phone: 660-543-4140
Fax: 660-543-8001
URL for Library Web Site: http://library.ucmo.edu
URL for Library Online Database: http://quest.missouri.edu/search`S2
Director/Head Librarian: Mollie Dinwiddie, Dean of Library Services
DirectorHead Librarian's Phone: 660-543-4140
Director/Head Librarian's E-Mail: mollie@libserv.ucmo.edu
Interlibrary Loan Representative: Linda Medaris
Interlibrary Loan Rep Phone: 660-543-8844
Interlibrary Loan Rep E-Mail: medaris@libserv.ucmo.edu
WEB-ILL E-Mail ill@libserv.ucmo.edu
Staff Directory:

Eddy Agueros - Public Services, Access Services, Circulation/Reserves - eagueros@libserv.ucmo.edu
Kim Anthes - Library Operations/Fiscal Coordinator, Administration - anthes@libserv.ucmo.edu
Sudan Bhattarai – Public Services, Harmon Computer Commons - sbhattarai@libserv.ucmo.edu
Jerry Brown - Public Services, Instructional Services Librarian - brown@libserv.ucmo.edu
Julie Carriker – Technical Services, Cataloging - carriker@libserv.ucmo.edu
Patricia Cary – Public Services, Government Documents - pcary@libserv.ucmo.edu
Vanessa Chappell – Public Services, Access Services, Interlibrary Loan - chappell@libserv.ucmo.edu
Cathy Clear - Public Services, Special Collections/Reference - clear@libserv.ucmo.edu
Carrie Clothier – Technical Services, Cataloging - clothier@libserv.ucmo.edu
Dawn Cumpton - Technical Services, Cataloging -dcumpton@libserv.ucmo.edu>
Alisha Cunningham - Technical Services, Acquisitions - acunningham@libserv.ucmo.edu
Marian Davis - Public Services, Distance Learning Librarian - mdavis@ucmo.edu
Jim Dutton – Technical Services, Technical Services Librarian - duttonj@libserv.ucmo.edu
Karen Fiegenbaum - Public Services, Access Services, Circulation/Reserves - fiegenbaum@libserv.ucmo.edu
Nancy Gieselman - Administrative Assistant to the Dean - gieselman@ucmo.edu
Rob Hallis – Public Services, Harmon Computer Commons, Instructional Services Librarian - hallis@libserv.ucmo.edu
Teresa Heater - Public Services, Access Services, Stack Maintenance - tlheater@libserv.ucmo.edu
Bethany Lengfellner - Public Services, Reference - blengfellner@libserv.ucmo.edu
Linda Lengfellner - Technical Services, Cataloging - lengfellner@libserv.ucmo.edu
John Leslie - Public Services, Harmon Computer Commons - jleslie@libserv.ucmo.edu
Mark Love – Public Services, Government Documents Librarian - love@libserv.ucmo.edu
Les Lynam – Department Chair of Technical Services - lynam@libserv.ucmo.edu
Chad Marnholtz – Technical Services, Acquisitions/Government Documents - marnholtz@libserv.ucmo.edu
Linwood Mason – Public Services, Harmon Computer Commons - mason@libserv.ucmo.edu
Karia Massia – Technical Services, Technical Services Librarian - kmassia@libserv.ucmo.edu
Tom Massia - Technical Services, Systems - massia@libserv.ucmo.edu
Shara McNeeley - Technical Services, Cataloging - smcneeley@libserv.ucmo.edu
Linda Medaris – Department Chair of Public Services - medaris@libserv.ucmo.edu
Patti Morrison – Public Services, Access Services, Interlibrary Loan - morrison@libserv.ucmo.edu
Scott Norwood - Public Services, Distance Education Librarian - norwood@libserv.ucmo.edu
Lea Pummill - Technical Services, Periodicals - pummill@libserv.ucmo.edu
Cheryl Riley – Technical Services, Cataloging/Serials Librarian - riley@libserv.ucmo.edu
Alice Ruleman – Public Services, Access Services Librarian - ruleman@libserv.ucmo.edu
Suzanne Schelp – University Copyright Specialist - slschelp@libserv.ucmo.edu
Becki Schildknecht - Technical Services, Cataloging - bschildknecht@libserv.ucmo.edu
Carol Smith - Public Services, Reference Librarian - csmith@libserv.ucmo.edu
Russell Smith - Public Services, Special Collections/Reference - rsmith@libserv.ucmo.edu
Steve Sobaski - Public Services, Reference - ssobaski@libserv.ucmo.edu
Barbara Wales - Public Services, Reference Librarian - wales@libserv.ucmo.edu
Steve Walker – Technical Services, Cataloging Librarian - walker@libserv.ucmo.edu
Youbo Wang – Technical Services, Systems Librarian - ywang@libserv.ucmo.edu
Ernestine Westerhold – Public Services, Access Services, Delivery Services - westerhold@libserv.ucmo.edu
Naomi Williamson – Public Services, Special Collections Librarian- williamson@libserv.ucmo.edu
Lynnette Yearns - Technical Services, Cataloging - yearns@libserv.ucmo.edu

Voting Representative: Mollie Dinwiddie
Updates: Please send all updates for this record to Mary Puhr: marypuhr@kcmlin.org

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