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Workshop Name: Retailing Methods and Techniques in Libraries - ONLINE TUTORIAL
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Library Education @ Your Desktop - University of North Texas

Kerry McGeath

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One problem that libraries have is recognizing that they provide a product. Retailers that are successful realize what their product is and they maximize sales as a result. In the private sector, organizations that are confused about that quintessential element - the product - never stay in business long. A narrow definition of what the organization does is essential to survival.

Libraries need to realize that the same principles hold true with the products we provide. If we are not satisfying a latent demand or creating demand for a product then our relevance and, thus, our ability to generate funding wanes.


After this tutorial, you will be able to:
  • Identify and describe the similarities between running a library and a retail operation
  • Define a product and, more specifically, a library product
  • Understand the basics of resource allocation related to library products by utilizing the PAR (Plan, Act and Review) method
  • Use sales techniques to enhance library service and customer satisfaction
  • Utilize methods to measure output and productivity to set predictors of future behavior and accountability in order to control revenue, spending and essential processes


The course addresses these issues and more in a web-based course designed to take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. It contains multimedia elements, external links, pre- and post-tests, and course evaluation modules.
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