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Workshop Name: Multicultural Literature for Children  - ONLINE TUTORIAL
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Workshop Time: Available Anytime
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Library Education @ Your Desktop - University of North Texas

Maria Salvadore and Deb Taylor

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Many cultures, traditions and backgrounds come together in the United States to create an increasingly diverse society. Families are culturally and racially blended; they can be geographically dispersed or emotionally isolated. Additionally, technological advances have created a "24/7" climate in which news and information from around the globe is shared broadly almost instantaneously. The world young people live and grow in continues to change. They can come to understand and appreciate the diversity or can be divided by it.

These issues are reflected in schools and libraries throughout the country. Literature is a constant that remains powerful enough to break down barriers between people, develop understanding among them, introduce people who would otherwise remain anonymous, and create forums to discuss ideas and issues that have impact on all.

An understanding of how to define multicultural literature and evaluate words and images presented in this literature for children and young people is critical. Adults who know how to do so are able to introduce readers to books that have the power to introduce experiences reinforce an understanding of a complex society, develop empathy, and provide shared experiences among diverse groups.

This short course will introduce tenets of evaluation of different genre of literature in terms of both literary and extra-literary concerns. It will take you off line to read, think and respond to books which ultimately can be shared with other readers of all ages.


    After this tutorial, you will:
  • Be familiar with the history and background of the presentation of different ethnic, racial and cultural groups in literature for children and young adults
  • Be able to articulate a definition of multicultural literature that meets the needs of your school/library
  • Be able to evaluate multicultural literature on the basis of genres in terms of literary and extra-literary considerations
  • Gain awareness of additional resources in the field of multicultural literature, how to access and best use them


The course addresses these issues and more in a web-based course designed to take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. It contains multimedia elements, external links, pre- and post-tests, and course evaluation modules.

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