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Workshop Name: Keeping Your Library Looking Good - ONLINE TUTORIAL
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Available Anytime

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Library Education @ Your Desktop - University of North Texas

Arlita Harris and Kevin Haney

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In an ideal world, you would build a new library that is designed for easy maintenance. You would hire custodial staff who would know which products clean which surfaces. And, you would have staff and a clientele that appreciated the new library so much that they would take really good care of it.

In the real world, we inherit some library buildings that were designed to win awards or were not originally designed as libraries. Our custodial staff is contract employees who clean the building during the night. We find graffiti on the restroom stalls, tar on the new carpet, water stains on the new furniture, and permanent markers used on the new marker board. Street people are sleeping on our new couches and in the bushes around the building; there are always paper towels on the floors of the restrooms; and the light bulbs in the bug-catching fixtures are constantly burned out. We were hired as librarians, but we sometimes feel like full-time janitors.


After completing this course, you will understand the following objectives:
  • Plan the library's landscaping and exterior for easy maintenance and sustainability.
  • Select furniture and furnishings that are easy to keep clean and attractive
  • Keep utility bills low and manageable
  • Hire competent custodial staff
  • Design a maintenance schedule
  • Clean common problem areas and remove common stains


The course addresses these issues and more in a web-based course designed to take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. It contains multimedia elements, external links, pre- and post-tests, and course evaluation modules.
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