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Workshop Name: Become an Effective Trustee - ONLINE TUTORIAL
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Available Anytime

Workshop Time: Available Anytime
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Library Education @ Your Desktop - University of North Texas

Pam Scott, Cherie Longmuir and the Nebraska Library Commission 

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"Become An Effective Trustee" was developed in conjunction with the Nebraska Library Commission, and was designed to support a newly-revised edition of the 2006 Nebraska Library Board Manual. One of the main targets for this course is the new trustee or board member, someone ready to begin their new trustee responsibilities but searching for more detailed information on what this job entails. This material does not assume that the new trustee has any particular level of experience with libraries, any advanced academic background or any specified educational level or special training. The consultants in this project felt strongly that new trustees should be encouraged to be pro-active (vs. reactive), interconnected with various aspects of the library and aware of the constant level of change within a library.


When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • identify the elements included in effective library bylaws
  • recognize the roles and responsibilities of a library board, describe the relationship of the board to the library director and identify specific reports that must be completed annually
  • identify ways to get information about your library including resources related to library concepts and trends and you will know the requirements for library board certification
  • understand the importance of long-range planning for your public library and you will have the knowledge to begin that long-range process
  • describe a variety of organizations that provide information and support to libraries
  • recognize how certain local, state and national laws and regulations affect libraries
  • be aware of the accreditation guidelines and the process for public library accreditation

The "Big Ideas" that a new trustee should take away from this course are basic understandings of the HR issues related to the Board and Library Director, aspects of library advocacy, the importance of planning and some ideas about library policy-making.

Of course, there are valuable resources and new ideas in this course which will benefit "veteran" library trustees, as well.


The course addresses these issues and more in a web-based course designed to take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. It contains resource links, downloadable files, multimedia elements, pre- and post-tests, and course evaluation modules.

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