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Job Title: Application Administrator, Library Systems
Employer: University of Kansas, Information Technology
Address: Computer Center, 1001 Sunnyside Drive
City: Lawrence
State: KS
ZIP: 66605
Description: This department, Technology Platforms, is responsible for foundational systems support for enterprise IT services utilizing a team-based approach. Technology Platforms includes systems administrators, database administrators, and applications administrators. This unit, Application Administration, is responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of all University enterprise applications. This position provides application administration and support services with emphasis on library management and scholarly communications systems including the Integrated Library Management System and catalog, interlibrary loan system, institutional repository, visual resources software, off-site storage (annex) management system, and other applications related to teaching, learning and research at the university. This position is specifically responsible for undertaking application upgrades, maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting software. Works in partnership with library managers to provide quality information services to the user community. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. 2 years experience installing, upgrading, configuring and maintaining server-based applications in a Unix environment. 2. 2 years experience administering an integrated library system in a medium or large public, academic or consortia library environment. 3. Effective written communication skills as evidenced by application materials. 4. Experience working in a team environment as evidenced by application materials PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Project management experience working with a variety of people and using project tracking and reporting tools. 2. 1 year experience maintaining server-based Windows operating systems and applications. 3. Experience working with MARC and other library metadata formats. 4. Experience creating shell or PERL scripts. 5. Experience using SQL to extract data for manipulation or reporting. 6. Experience supporting Windows desktop software for library environments. 7. Experience administering Oracle-based applications. 8. Flexible person with strong interpersonal and communication skills who is able to work effectively and cooperatively as part of a team as well as independently.
Responsibilities: 1. 65% Application Support a. Upgrades and maintains applications and auxiliary software on the server using knowledge of library operations, standards and data protocols. b. Coordinates server support initiatives with unit(s) responsible for desktop and client support. c. Works with library staff to verify, document, and report incidents and problems to technical support staff, either internal or vendor. Tracks, tests, and reports resolution. d. Writes and organizes technical documentation required to maintain applications, augmenting vendor documentation as needed. e. Works closely with appropriate staff in Libraries and Information Technology computing units to monitor and delivery quality services to end users. 2. 20% Project Planning a. In consultation with the designated IT and Library staff, creates project plans and carries out prioritized projects related to ongoing support and service delivery, coordinating with other IT and Library units as needed. b. Assists in identifying and analyzing user requirements for configuring and upgrading existing systems and services or implementing new ones. c. Utilizes knowledge of library operations, data formats and standards, information exchange protocols in working with planning teams for solutions that are cognizant of the privacy, licensure, and security aspects of various types of digital data. d. Participates in IT Service management including preparation of change management requests for approval and participation in incident and problem resolution. e. Meets regularly with IT and Library service teams. 3. 10% Assists in innovating new services and solutions. a. Works closely with library and IT management groups to consider and implement new solutions and services that allow users to access, integrate, manipulate, and use electronic information. b. Assists in analyzing technologies that affect system integration and interoperability, data migration, and digital preservation. 4. 5% Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications: 1. 2 years experience installing, upgrading, configuring and maintaining server-based applications in a Unix environment.
Preferred Qualifications: 1. Project management experience working with a variety of people and using project tracking and reporting tools.
Type: Technical
Salary & Benefits: For benefit information see http://www.hreo.ku.edu/
Instructions: To apply see https://jobs.ku.edu and search by position number #00000056. A cover letter detailing how the qualifications are met and a current resume are helpful to the committee reviewing the applications. Please send contact information for three professional references (references will not be contacted without prior notification to the applicant).
Deadlines: Review begins 2/1/2008.
Contact: Mary Ann Robison
Phone: 785-864-0468
Fax: 785-864-0468
E-mail: robison@ku.edu
Web: https://jobs.ku.edu
Date Added: Mar 03, 2008
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