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{short description of image} Taste of Honey
Author: Eileen Goudge
Published: 2002
ISBN: 0-670-03098-8
Price: $24.95
Pages: 336
Other Titles by Eileen Goudge: Stranger in Paradise, The Second Silene One Last Dance, Thorns of Truth, Trail of Secrets, Blessing in Disguise, Such Devoted Sisters, and Garden of Lies

Reviewer: Kathy Hoff


Humanity! That's what Taste of Honey by Eileen Goudge is all about. The characters are so real they could be you, your kids, your neighors, your relatives. They make the same mistakes we all make, and the author weaves into the story how they feel about life, each other, and themselves so skillfully that the reader avoids skimming in fear of missing out on something important. Gerry, Andie, Justin, Maive, Claire, Matt, and the others have the same obstacles in life we all do, to some degree. But by reading this book, the reader can see that it's okay to have problems, it's what we do to overcome them that is important. Mainly, love and respect for one another are most important.

The audience for this recreational reading book would be adult, as there are several references to love-making, though the language is not offensive at all. I think any adult, young or old, would be able to identify with the characters trying to do the right thing, but sometimes that goes wrong. Andie finds herself discovering that, "...very few decisions in life were a hundred percent right or worng." We've all been there. Anyone can find a tie to themselves in this book.

Excellent writing! Strong characters! Very enjoyable!
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