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{short description of image} The House On Dream Street - Memoir of An American Woman in Vietnam
Author: Dana Sachs
Published: 2000
Publisher: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
Address: 708 Broadway, New York, New York
ISBN: 1-56512-2917
Price: $22.95
Page Count: 348
Reviewer: Susan Burton


This novel looks at the many differences between the old and the new Vietnam. Journalist Dana Sachs takes a personal voyage to Vietnam. We get an inside very personal look at Vietnam through the eyes of a very naive outsider. By getting to know the people she meets and becomes close to we have an opportunity to see Vietnam in a new light. Under often very difficult conditions, she experiences first hand the difficulties of learning a new languate, the uncomfortable feeling of being an outsider, the lack of privacy and poor living conditions, and the unwanted advances of married men. Perhaps one of the most insightful parts of her book is her relationships with the Vietnamese women. Truly a different culture striving to find their own personal rights and identities in a country that has not yet accepted women as equals to men. On her journey of self-exploration she falls in love and has a forbidden love affair with a local mechanic. This book is pure and draws you in to a conflict of feelings.
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