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Administrator Certification Program


The Administrator Certification Program is designed for those currently holding administrative positions and those desiring to hold administrative positions in the library field.  The Administrative Certification Program consists of eleven required courses to complete.  Upon completion, the attendee will have a broad knowledge of library administration and leadership.




Understanding Organizational Behavior:  defining an organization; organizational culture; managing change; organizational development; mission/vision/goals/objectives; understanding system procedures; structural culture; communication; values; philosophy.


Introduction to Financial Management:  financial analysis; different financial structures; spreadsheets; profit/loss


Introduction to Budgeting:  budgeting process; elements of a budget; forecasting; terminology; capital budgets


Introduction to Evaluating Effectively:  assessment of data; ROI; quantitative/qualitative; surveying; collecting and analyzing data; standards and guidelines


Introduction to Governance:  state and federal laws; advocacy; open records; sunshine; Patriot Act; board development; politics


Developing Library Collaboration & Partnerships:  planning; partnering basics; risks; grants; friends groups; search committees; types of partnerships; how to ask for support; selecting a project


Managing Marketing:  definitions; internal and external communications; advertising; working with vendors; planning & priorities; sponsorships and partnerships; community and press relations; displays; programming


Creative Planning:  dealing with change; project management; planning templates; reporting; valuation timeline; mind mapping


Strategic Planning:  developing competencies; methodology; core strategic planning; dealing with change; mission/vision/goals/objectives; strategies; creative planning; reporting; evaluation timeline; manuals; policies & procedures


Managerial Leadership:  mentoring/shadowing/work study/internships/apprenticeship; the difference between leadership and management; facilitation; staff development/communication; leadership styles; cultural competency; coaching; managing change


Facilities Management:  disaster & emergency planning; building management; building projects; risk management; steps & process of a building plan; space planning/utilization; space benchmarking; opportunity cost



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