KCMLIN Officer's Council FY 2006-2007

TOP NETWORK                           Kansas City Public Library                              Cheptoo Kositany

    LENDERS:                                 Mid-Continent Public Library                           Dick Wilding (Treasurer)

                                                       JohnsonCounty Library                                   Carolyn Weeks (Vice President)

                                                       Kansas CityKS Public Library                        Teresa Garrison

                                                       CassCounty Public Library                              Christie Kessler



EDUCATION LIBRARY               Kansas City KS Community

         (6/30/2008)                                    College                                                   Cheryl Postlewait


PUBLIC LIBRARY                         St.
Joe Public Library                                      Mary Beth Revels (Secretary)



HEALTH SCIENCE LIBRARY       Shook, Hardy and Bacon                               Joyce Sickel



K-12 SCHOOL LIBRARY              St.
Pius High School                                      



SPECIAL LIBRARY                        Midwest Research Institute                            Kim Carter



AT-LARGE                                       JohnsonCounty Community                         Mark Daganaar

           (6/30/2008)                               College Library


AT-LARGE                                       Linda Hall Library                                         Michelle Lahey (President)



AT-LARGE                                       RockhurstUniversity                                    Jeanne Langdon



AT-LARGE                                       Community of Christ                                    Sue McDonald


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